Dibble, John & Nancy

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2525 S 3rd St W

Missoula, MT  59804-1328


(303) 693-8570


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Dibble by Design:              http://dibblebydesign.com



Nancy and I have moved back to Big Sky Country - Montana. After 38 years away, I was able to visit Ika twice in 2013 and will be going back again this year (2014). My parents have both passed on into the presence of the Lord, but my sister Lois and her husband, Tom, continue the work at Ika.


We have three children, Luke (married to Emily), Jenny and Joran (Jory). We would appreciate your prayers for spiritual growth as satan continues to use this society in an ongoing effort to draw us away from our walk with the Lord.


Luke and Jory still live in Aurora, and Jenny moved with us back up to Montana.


I retired after almost 22 years in air traffic control, and went back to school to study Architectural Drafting.


Some time back, I made some foolish choices and spent some time on a state sponsored vacation (read "in the big house"). Just shows you, "Whom the Lord loves, He disciplines." With me, it took a 2X4 upside the head!


I look forward to hearing from more of the Ika family and updating the news here.