My Visits to Ika

This webpage is a work in progress. Some of the data and pictures were originally taken from booklet called The Ika-ites Today  compiled in 1996. It shows where some of the Missionaries, who served the Lord at Ika, Nigeria, since 1950, are today.

I would like to see this page used to keep in touch with each other. I know I, for one, am bad at that!

  • If the information about you has changed, let me know so I can update it.

  • If you have pictures you'd like to add, please scan them and send them to me.

  • If you have your own WebPage you'd like to add, send me the url.

Click the names on the left to see where we are and whatever we want to share about ourselves. There is a bio-page for each of us, so it will be up to you to give me info to update it.


Page updates for 16th Dec 2016: I added a page for Ben and Chelsea Wheeler (with their newsletters),  a page for our next trip to Ika, Oct/Nov 2017 on the Ika Visit 2017, and updated the news about Aunt Irene's marriage to Frank Arkwright (I know it's old news, but maybe some folks didn't know!). 


Let's get some new stuff added! Still haven't heard anything from the Clifton "kids" or the AJD "kids"


The "I Remember When" page  (updated 2nd Aug 2013)  is for posting nostalgic memories.


If someone has passed on before, I will post tributes/memories anyone wants to share.


Home Sweet Home!