Ofugo to Ika road.

Our house

Back of our garage

Translation office
next to our house

Office and Printshop
From our house


AJDibbles first house
Now Ika Bible School and Meeting house on left

Grandpa Dibbles house
Now Wheeler's house

Back of Wheeler's House

Shirley and Gwen's house

Back of Shirley and Gwen's house

Mackay's house

Back of Mackay's house

Kirk's House

Store, Office & Engine house

Engine house

AJ Dibble's then Stafford's house Now book warehouse

Annette and Irene's house

Back of Annette and Irene's house

Applegate's house

Back of Applegate's house

Clifton's house

Clifton's house

Hillside School from
the Science Lab

Hillside School - the
stairs and walkway that
passed Aunt Shirley's

Bananas out our back door

Pawpaws behind our garage

Mango hanging
next to our house

Mango trees by the printshop

Yellow Franjipani

Red Franjipani

Pink Franjipani



The Stream

The Stream

Termite Mound

Pom Pom

Pom Pom tree

Cashew Fruit


Where Peeps come from.

Nancy's friend

I was just leaving

Grandfather Lizard

Yam Hauler

Mini Truck

Market Street

Montana State Flowers

Carpenter Shop

M Bike Taxi

3 on a bike...

M Bike School Bus
6 was my record!

Reunion with friends

Bible School class