Preparations for my 2014 Visit

Update: 25th Oct, 2014

Three months til Christmas but only 3 days til my flight. I'm scrambling now to get some last minute things done and get everything into 4 bags! (Plus 1 carry-on.) Much appreciation to the folks who have sent stuff to take out. I think everything is here.

I have 20 films from Moody Bible Institute scanned into the computer and ready for the projector. Hopefully they will be popular! Contact Mike Davis at if you would like a set for the ministry. I sent him a set to distribute.

Update: 18th Oct, 2014

Lift off in 10 days. Our living room has stacks of stuff to pack - powdered cheese, laptops, miniature hammers, books, boxes, etc. I called Delta airlines today and found out I get 3 checked bags free not 2!  Nice surprise. I guess it pays to spend money!

Mini-hammer for doing string art at camp.

The container with the printing press should be shipping out this week so it may get there while I am there.

Keep praying that flights are not cancelled in or out of Nigeria because of the ebola scare. Some folks sure panic easily. I was telling Rick, in the Old Testament, more people died in one day from snake bites than have died from ebola this year!  Nice to know Who is in charge!

Update: 28th Sept, 2014

The press has been shipped to International Transload Logistics in Chicago and will be crated and loaded on a container for Jos. Everyday Publications, from Toronto, Canada, has shipped two pallets of Christian study books there for shipping at the same time.

I have started a new job, (drafting) so I am tied up Monday-Friday (7:00-3:30 plus). Pray that preparations continue smoothly. Five weeks from today, I will be fellowshipping with brothers and sisters at Ika! PTL!

Update: 20th Sept, 2014

Well, we got the press and are still working on arrangements to crate it and move it less than 50 miles in the Chicago area. Any ideas?

Also ordered two laptops - one for the translation work and one for the printshop. Thanx for a generous gift from friends of Dad and Mom.

Update: 17th Sept, 2014

As the time approaches for my visit, I will land in Abuja 6 weeks from today, It starts to seem like there is so much to do! We are working on purchasing a used offset printing press getting it shipped out for the printing work.


And who remembers these?

Click on any of the images to open a larger one in a new window.

I got permission from Moody Bible Institute to screen capture images from their old filmstrips for use with a small pocket projector:


The projector runs on AC power or an internal rechargeable battery (80 minutes). It will project up to a 10 foot image.

I also bought a DVD with 12 of the stories on it:

In addition to Jonah and the Big Fish, I have done:

  • Ahab - the Pouting King

  • Daniel in the Lion's Den

  • David and Saul

  • Elijah and the prophets of Baal

  • Gideon

  • Naaman the Leper

  • Noah and the Ark

  • Samson

  • The Baby Moses

  • The Fiery Furnace

  • The Red Sea

I also found a set of 6 children's stories by Cathedral Films (with scripts and records):