Ika visit 2014 - Week 1

Well, I arrived in Abuja safely Wednesday and was by Lois and Benjie. Thursday, after visiting the US consulate about some minor issues, we left for Ika. I was impressed by Amy, the young lady at the consulate who really seems to enjoy being in Nigeria. Benjie drove the whole way, and I'm not sure I would have the courage to attempt that!

After a few brief stops in Lakoja, and stops at Ajiokuta and Ogodu for ididis (fried yam) and suya (roasted meat strips) we got to Ika just after 8pm.

It is the end of the rainy season here (actually should have ended a few weeks ago), so things are a lot greener than the two last trips; we've even had a few more rains since I got here.

I haven't taken as many pictures this time - I guess since it's my third trip in the last two years, it's becoming less of a novelty!

As promised though, I did take some so here we go: [My camera was waaaay over compensating for light when I took the first few and I didn't realize that till I was up the hill this morning.]

Cattle Transport - Bush style: (Thought Lois Shawver might be interested if someone can point it out to her on facebook.)

Rings for a Well. Yesterday we drove out to Ajitata to deliver 9 concrete rings to line a well. Ended up driving home in the dark:

Night Driving - And this was a better part of the road!

For those of you who have spent time at Ika and climbed the hill behind Clifton's, I bet you never thought you'd see this:

Workhorse tractor at the top of the hill! Yep. There is now a road from where the school used to be, climbing up around the back of the hill. The plan is to build a radio tower on top of the hill.

Cutting away some of the blind spots.

Benjie preparing for the latest Olympic sporting event - Rock Boarding. A dangerous, yet exhilarating, sport involving riding a flat rock down a hillside.