Ika visit 2014 - Week 2

Sunday afternoon, we drove over to the Mission of Mercy orphanage at Otutulu; so Benjie could look at their generator and see what could be done about a water leak it has. Leaving there, we stopped at the school there so he could check out the playground there. He is building a swing set/slide for them in his "spare time". I have not seen a young man work as hard nor as selflessly as he does for the work here. He is a terrific asset for Lois and Tom.

On Monday, I got Ungbede started on inventory of the books we have for sale. He has been faithful entering sales in the computer since i was here last December and now we will double check the balance. He will be returning to school next year, so pray that the Lord sends us someone as dedicated as he is. He attends the Bible conferences each month with a supply of books so the attendees can buy them.

Monday afternoon, I started teaching a Bible School class on maps this week! It is surprising how much we take for granted in our school system!

With questions like:

  • If the earth is round, why do people on the other side not fall off?

  • How did they find out that the earth is round?

  • Where does wind come from?

It is a challenge to explain things is a way that makes sense.

Shameless plug to follow:

If anyone is interested in coming out for a month, I am sure a topic could be found to fit into the Bible School curriculum. Maps, handwriting, basic first aid, etc. So many topics Mom used to teach that are really appreciated. If you are interested, contact me and I will forward your interest to Lois. Of course, she will always be able to find stuff you can do while you are not actually teaching class!

Wednesday, Benjie drove Lois and I to Idah to meet with His Royal Highness, the Attah of Igala. It was an honor to meet with him and hear his appreciation for the work that Grandpa, dad and now Tom and Lois are doing for his people.

The rains still continue here, (It rained most of the way there.) making the Ika-Ogugo road somewhat slippery! The temperatures have been staying in the mid 80's to mid 90's; occasionally getting a little muggy!

Friday, we went to Otukpo to meet with a Christian lawyer who will help us with some issues. He took us out to lunch where we enjoyed a delicious land monitor meal!

This morning (Saturday), Lois and I went through some cupboards in the Bible School that are FULL of old Books and papers (some dated from before Dad was born! Like 1913!) So much RICH material Grandpa and Dad used in the translation work. It is a shame to see it sitting there unused. We are trying to organize another classroom, so the books have been packed up in boxes and stacked aside until someone can take the time to go through them and organize them. Lois was called away to the theater to assist the Doctors - She keeps right up there with Benjie as far as staying busy.

As I mentioned, I have not taken as many pictures as my last two visits, but here are a few to keep you updated:

Paul, working on a Bassa translation on one of the laptops provided by Lee & Carolyn Baas.

Banana Trees

Bananas ripening as was intended!

Mulberry Bush

Yes, We deliver!

I dunno, so I was fascinated by snags!

Be thankful I'm not posting them all!

Last one!

Sunrise over Grandpa's Office

The road up the hill - viewed from the Ika -Ofugo Road.

Going to school in the rain!