2015 Visit 31st Oct - 5th Dec

Before I start this account of my 2015 trip to Ika, Nigeria, let me begin with some background information;

I was joined on this trip by David Dick, (former MK from Iyale, Nigeria) and my brother Richard. I met up with Richard at his home in New York. Last time I had seen Rick was back when I was working in Air Traffic and had visited him on a visit to Fredericksburg, MD. So there was a lot of catching up to do there! Phones, texts and emails just don't suffice!

To add icing to the cake, our dear sister, the ancient one, Susan Crowe came down from Ontario to visit with us at Rick's. I hadn't seen her in a coons age either. Thanx, Laura and Tanner for putting up with our bad influence on Rick!

Rick, Sue and myself

Rick and I flew together to Paris, France on and Airbus 380 the highlight of Rick's trip!

Update: 12th Dec 2015