21/10-2/11 2017 (Set 1)

Here's a few Pictures of what we have been up to so far:

Rick & Laura, Nancy and I are staying in Applegate's House.

Ben & Chelsea and Israel's House.

Lois & Tom's House. Jessica and Paul, Judah and Wesley are staying here.

Hibiscus flower - (Always did love them!)

No open water around but the ducks are in a row.

Judah hanging on to supper.

Joseph and Ngbede

Paul & Jessica helped organize a Vacation Bible School for this week.

 Very popular with the kids!

Bible School started up again this week - 33 first year students.

News dorms for Bible School students.

Lois has expanded three classrooms so we got to help paint them.

(Well, Nancy, Paul and Jessica did. I got to watch!)

From the outside.

Today, we installed two new water tanks up on the side of the hill.

Should have a better supply of running water for our cold showers

Update: 02 Nov 2017